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Oct 052014

Monday 10/6/14

Squat cleans 135/95
Push jerk
Rest 3min
2 rounds
21 wall balls
15 kbs 53/35
12 hspu

Oct 012014

Spotlight Athlete


Our Spotlight athlete for October is Jamie Jones. We chose Jamie because he is a good hard worker who not only focuses on form, but he encourages the people around him. He shows up early and stays late helping in any way he can. He is always helping to clean up the weights and equipment even if he did not get it out. Jamie has a wife, Ashley, and a son, Braylon.
Jamie started CrossFit at our box in February 2014 as a way to make healthy changes in his life, and to find a new hobby he could do with Ashley. Before CrossFit he focused on martial arts and has experience in kickboxing, Ju-Jitsu, and Krav Maga. In his Spare time he enjoys hanging out with friends and family either around a bonfire or on a float trip.
Since starting CrossFit Jamie has tried to watch what he eats and given up all soda products, but when he sees a piece of cake he will sneak a piece for a treat. Jamie is a very motivated athlete and he stays that way by trying to stay positive in his day to day life. By doing this he has found it provides effective results and gains. When asked who encourages him the most Jamie responded, “The one person that encourages me the most is Erica Folk, without her training I would not be the CrossFit athlete I am today. She takes the time to critique my form, makes sure I am ready for new PR’s and during CrossFit Totals she pushes to go for my next PR if I am ready.”
Since starting CrossFit back in February he has met so many goals such as losing 20 pounds while still gaining a significant amount of muscle. PR’ing his Snatch at the Mrs. T Wod from 135 to 155 has really helped him see his potential and know that one day he can definitely do more weight. “Coming into the box everyday can be hard, but the people we have in our box help to keep each other motivated by encouraging each other. They are always there when you need a shoulder to hold onto,” Jamie stated.
Some advice he has for both present and future crossfitters is, “Never limit yourself on your capabilities because in CrossFit you will always have the ability to do more. Walk into each Wod with the mindset that today you are going to make history in your life and commit to it by training as hard as you can during each Wod. With that positive attitude and commitment the possibilities are endless.”
“CrossFit Warrior Rx means a lot to me because it has not only provided me with positive body result; it has provided me the ability to change my life effectively and later become an inspiration to my son. I cannot say thank you enough for the training that the trainers of CrossFit Warrior RX has provided me, Ashley, and my fellow Crossfitters. Each trainer is truly an asset to everyone at the box, and their dedication to our success with CrossFit will always be appreciated,” Jamie expressed.
So let’s give Jamie a hand and congratulate him for being our Spotlight Athlete and for working so hard. Jamie you definitely deserve it and thank you for joining our CrossFit Family!

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