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Nov 192014

Thursday 11/20/14

4 rounds
2 push press
2 push jerks
2 split jerks
4 rounds
2 deadlifts
2 power cleans
2 front squats

Nov 162014

Monday 11/17/14

4 rounds for quality
10- 1 arm Russian kbs 53/35
10- 1 arm shoulder to overhead with kb
10- 1 arm oh lunges with kb

Nov 132014

Friday 11/14/14

3 minutes per set with 1 minute rest in between
Set 1) 200m run and ME muscle ups
Set 2) 200m run and ME kbs 53/35
Set 3) 200m run and ME burpees
Set 4) 200m run and ME goblet squats

Nov 112014

Wednesday 11/12/14

Ring dips
Power cleans
Push jerks
C2B pull ups
All weights are the same and are to be done @ 55% of your clean and jerk max

Nov 082014

Spotlight Athlete

Our spotlight athlete this month is Tracey Smart. She is a hard working dedicated athlete who has always pushed herself to try new things. We picked Tracey because she has been working really hard on her form and pushing past her limits to try new things lately. She has done all of this while still listening to her body.

In her own words here is a little background, how she got started doing crossfit, her favorite movements, and a little about her accomplishments.

I was very heavy as a child and didn’t participate in sports at school. I lost weight in my teens through unhealthy means. In my 20’s I ran 10ks but was still heavy. I gained more weight in my 30s and started running again. In 2001 I got serious with running and since then did 5 full marathons, countless ½ marathons, 10ks and 5ks. I took first place overall female in 2007 in the DeSoto Fall Festival 5k and placed in my age group many times in 5 and 10ks.

Running does not come easy to me but I have the ability to make myself do it everyday. Since 2001 I have missed less than 2 dozen days running. But I wanted more. I bought weights, had a universal gym, read the magazine, etc. But I wasn’t committed and didn’t see progress. I need someone to tell me what to do, how to do it, when to push it and when to back off. Basically, I always wanted a hardass boot camp type workout. I tried Pilates, spinning, etc. nothing gave me that serious push I was looking for. I had looked into virtually every gym in our area and nothing “fit”. Erica sent an email to my office and I remembered they rented space for “some kind of workout facility”. Went on line, liked what I saw, got scared to death by what I saw, went to the gym for the first time. Tried to run away (Erica wouldn’t have that!!!) Stayed and loved it.

What’s your favorite thing about the gym? The people. The members and trainers. I don’t think I have ever met a group of people so totally committed to helping each other achieve awesome things. That and the lack of “glitz”. I want to sweat, I don’t want to glisten or perspire. I want to get dirty and not worry about it.

What’s your favorite exercise? All of them!!! Because I see improvements in everything I am doing. Probably though for a weighted move it is the clean; it is basic and I am seeing good improvement there. That and box step ups; I remember at the 12 Days of Christmas being scared to death to do a step up without a “handicapped rail”. Oh, and, Amanda, jump rope too!!!

I am more willing to try new things and push my limits. I have new goals that running just didn’t have for me anymore. I have more confidence now; I know I could walk into another crossfit gym and do a WOD and feel good about it. Not everyday will be RX or a PR. Embrace what we have here. Not many people can, and more importantly, will do what we do. Each time you choose to come to crossfit, be totally committed to being the best you can at that moment in time. Understand and respect that everyday is different and don’t beat yourself up. If you do the very best you can, each time, you will see improvement – physically and mentally.

Thank you Tracey for being a wonderful addition to our crossfit family and for sharing your story and words of encouragement with us. The next time you see Tracey at the gym please congratulate her on being our spotlight athlete.

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