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Feb 242015

Wednesday 2/25/15

10 min to find your 5Rm power snatch
10 min to bench 5×5 @ 80%

Power snatch @80% of 5rm

Feb 232015

Tuesday 2/24/15

10 kb snatch 35/25
20 kb Russian twist
10 kb oh lunges
20 kbs

Deadlift 5×5@80%

Feb 232015

The CrossFit open judging times!

The CrossFit open is upon us, and in an effort to keep the confusion to a minium we are going to have set times for you to do the open Wods. The open is fun and I want everyone to enjoy themselves, but I do not want the open to interupt our normal class times. So, I am going to ask that open Wods not be done during these times. Open Wods are announced Thursday night and you have until Monday evening at 5pm to turn in your scores. I am going to allow everyone participating in the open one free pass to use in case of emergency. That way if you can not make it in during one of the scheduled judging times you can have a judge work with you so you can do the wod. The set times are:
Friday evening 4pm-5pm and 7pm-8pm
Saturday morning 9:30am-11:00am this can be extended if we need to.
Sunday during open gym. We will try to have two open gyms every Sunday during the open to help fit your schedule.
If you have any questions please contact me.

Thank You,
Erica Folk

Feb 202015

Saturday 2/21/15

Moving day!!!
We will start moving at 8 AM at the old gym! If you can’t get there until later but would still like to help you can text me to see which gym we are at my number is 636-575-0688.

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